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Since 2018, instead of setting New Year resolutions, I choose a WORD of the year that I carry with me throughout the year to remind me what I want to focus on.

My word for 2021 is Resilience ❤️.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficult conditions.

✨ When we are resilient, we find ways to persevere. Even in the face of challenges and setbacks, we know we will find our way past the difficult situation and move forward.

✨ Like many of you, this year has left me exhausted. There are moments I wanted to give up. But, instead I showed up. And, I plan to continue to not just show up, but to be better and do better.

✨ Since my word for 2020 was GRATITUDE 💗, I want to end my final post of the year with gratitude. I am grateful to my family, my team, and to all of the people who helped me get through this year. I am thankful for all of you, my IG Fam and the support and love I get from you. This year proves we can do hard things and I know we will all be better and stronger 💪🏼 because of what we went through.

✨ I’m excited to say hello 👋 to 2021 and to new possibilities ✨. Have you chosen your word for 2021? If so, I would love for you to share below ⬇️ in comments!

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