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I'm Still Me!!

I wrote this last week when we were on our white water vacation down the Green River through the Gates of Lodore.

Sitting here in my tent with total darkness outside. I am listening to an orchestra of bugs so loud that I know I will need earplugs again to sleep. I can hear the gentle stream of running water below us. My boys are sound asleep in a tent under a magnificent star filled sky like I have never seen before. They are exhausted from a full day of white water rafting, kayaking, hiking, exploring, playing in the sand, and bonding with new friends. Just exactly as it should be.

Something about nature and the outdoors is so soothing and comfortable for me. There is enough quiet and peace for me to be reflective, but also to just be in the moment. Being completely unplugged makes that even easier to do. No time wasted by stressing about work and emails because I have no idea what is happening there. LOL. No negative thoughts comparing myself to others on IG and FB because I can’t mindlessly scroll them. Which has been really nice!

Here are some thoughts and things I have learned on my 4 days of living on the Green River.

  1. I overpacked! It is so much easier just to wear the exact same clothes over and over again than searching through my dry bag for the perfect outfit.

  2. The Colorado/Utah air is soooo dry that my skin feels like a reptile.

  3. When you have a bunch of adorable river guides cooking for you and doing all of the heavy lifting, camping is so much fun and more enjoyable!

  4. Speaking of cooking, the food they serve is legit and really good. Even for this gluten-free and pescatarian. They did serve steaks one night that my boys loved!

  5. All walks of life can get along for 4 days, even if you know you would probably not be friends with them at home. And, it's still nice to meet new people.

  6. It’s amazing to watch my boys explore and be adventurous and hear them roar with laughter as they go through the rapids.

  7. Just because you go on vacation and are in a magnificent setting, doesn’t mean that your kids will not fight, be good listeners, or less annoying then they would be at home. LOL

  8. The Colorado night sky has more stars than I have ever seen before and it is absolutely beautiful.

  9. I still have “it” in me and am still the same person as I picture myself when I think of “me” before I had kids. I felt like I was truly in my element and loved every minute of it.

  10. Hopefully, Drew (Hubby) and our boys will always remember this trip as fondly as I will.

This trip was planned after a conversation with my husband after he told me that he didn’t know my “outdoorsy” side or at least hasn’t seen it since we have had kids. If you haven’t read that blog yet, it's called Who Have I Become. Check it out.

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