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Such a powerful statement. Just pause and think about those words for a minute. What you do is totally up to you. If you have been thinking about starting something and haven’t, why not? Is it procrastination? Is it fear? Is it the fear of failing? Is it that you tell yourself that you are too busy? I have told myself many lies in the past that have prevented me from moving forward. Have you done the same?

One Day or Day One. You Decide.

Well….today, this quote relates to me and meditation. I have tried to meditate on and off for years. And, for some reason it never sticks, even with knowing all of the positive benefits of meditation. Which there are many!

Several years ago, the Type A in me researched the best forms of meditation and decided Transcendental Meditation (TM) would be the best for me and was trained in it. TM is amazing for many reasons - with the scientific proof to back it up. They recommend that you practice 20 minutes twice a day to get the full benefits. When I started practicing TM, I felt so much better. Calmer, less brain fog, less anxious, didn’t snap at my kiddos as quickly. Even my hubby noticed a difference in me. But, finding 40 minutes in my already busy day was very challenging for me. No matter how hard I tried to get it in, 40 minutes is a long time! Especially, when you work full time, own 2 businesses, you’re a Mom, a wife, and have a social life (well, sometimes LOL). I always felt this underlying pressure that II needed to meditate, but just couldn’t find the time. And, if I had some free time, I would think of the 10 other things that I could or should be doing. Like exercising! Which is really important to me. It’s hard to get it all in in a day. At first I decided that once a day for 20 minutes would be good enough and that it was better than not doing it at all. But, since TM really recommends that it needs to be done twice a day and some days I wasn’t doing it all, I felt like a failure and just stopped doing it all together.

I went to a Tony Robbins event several weeks ago and he said something so profound that really resonated with me. He said. “If you don’t have 10 minutes in your day, then you don’t have a life.” That statement is so true! I have felt like my life has been controlling me for a long time now, and that I have no control over it. I just decided that I will start my meditation practice again. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. That will be good enough. Actually, better than just good enough! And, I will not feel like a failure. I will be doing what feels right and good to me.

There are so many amazing Apps out there to help guide you, especially if you are new to mediation. The most popular ones are Calm, Head Space, and 10% Happier. I choose 10% Happier this time because I read the book a while back and loved it as it is geared to the Type A personality and for those who find it difficult to meditate and/or sticking to it. Maybe one day I will go back to TM, but for now I will be content just getting back into mediating. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes for me. Who else wants to join me in finding inner peace :-) ? If it’s not meditation for you, what else have you been putting off and wanting to do for yourself? One day or day one, you decide. xx Hilary

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