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Health Coaching & Accountability Coaching 

Helping you become happy and healthy with movement, nutrition and sustainable habits. 

THE GAME CHANGER:  Pairing Physical Therapy with Health Coaching 

This 6 week program is designed to help clients bridge the gap from injury to performance by using proper nutrition for optimal healing and health. If the body is not fueled with the right nutrients, we lack energy and cannot perform at the highest level. Proper nutrition is so important to participate in physical activity and our overall health. However, nutrition is often overlooked or it seems too overwhelming to make the necessary changes for success. That’s where I can help!


This program is for you if you desire to feel your absolute best, to be able to do the things you love without constant pain, to feel confident in your health choices, and to finally succeed in your health goals while feeling like it is sustainable.

What you can expect:

  • One Initial Consult session via Zoom

  • One Follow-up session ½ way through our coaching time via phone call

  • Unlimited email and Voxer support during the time we are working together

  • Written recap of session and plan outline

  • Provide accountability and support to keep you on track and to establish sustainable healthy habit

  • Recommendations to your exercise and/or rehab program

  • Nutritional Guidance

Cost: $555 for 6 weeks

How it works:


Initial Consult (50 minutes):

In this session we will have an in-depth conversation about your nutrition, lifestyle, fitness, health history, and any current ailments. We will discuss your frustrations, struggles/challenges, and future health and wellness goals, as well as determine your personalized lifestyle needs taking into account your schedule and family structure.

Follow Up Sessions (25 minutes):
During these sessions we will discuss your progress and address any questions, concerns, adjustments and tweak accordingly.

Voxer/Email Support: Unlimited during the 6 weeks we are working together.

1:1 Single session: 
This highly personalized session can be centered around a specific area of your health/wellness/fitness that you need coaching on to help you meet your goals. 
60 minutes: $200 (with Voxer support for the following 3 days).


My Signature STRONG Body Method for Post-Menopausal Women 


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