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Urban Gardening: Tower Gardens

How to Grow A LOT of Food in A LITTLE Space

It doesn't get any better than growing your own food in your home or business.  Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods. And, with the Tower Garden, you can easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food virtually, anywhere, year-round, without soil.  The Tower Garden is a vertical, aeroponic growing system that allows you to grow 20 vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers in less than three square feet - indoors or out. 

garden tower

Encapsulated Farm Fresh Produce

Whole Food Concentrates (Capsules or Chewables)


I love these products! My whole family has been taking them for years.  Juice Plus+ is made from real ingredients carefully monitored from farm to capsule to provide natural nutrients your body needs to be its best.  Remove the H20 from fruits and vegetables and what you have left is nutrients,  including healthful antioxidants. These whole food capsules contain juice powder concentrates from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains. These help bridge the gap between what you should eat and what you do eat everyday. I consider myself a healthy and clean eater, but I knew that I was not getting the recommended 

amount of fruits and vegetables everyday and I was certainly not getting the variety that I needed.  I was skeptical at first but after reading the research and learning about this amazing company, I decided to try them. And, I am so happy that we did!  My family has noticed more energy, better sleep, lower cholesterol, better skin, and stronger immune systems.  Juice Plus does different things for everyone, but we know that flooding our bodies with a rainbow of fruits and veggies is powerful!

Vegan Omega's

No more fishy burps!

This vegan Omega Blend is a plant-based combination of the omega 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, containing DHA, EPA and ALA, that are derived from fruits, algae and seed oils.  By harvesting omegas from the original algae source instead of fish and using a cold-pressing technique for our seeds to maintain the purity of the nutrients, we’ve ensured our Omega Blend is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Incredible for eye health, brain health, skin health, supports cardiovascular health, improves memory + reduces inflammation. 


Complete Shakes

Plant based protein shakes

healthy shakes

Complete by Juice Plus+ is a whole-food-based shake mix that provides balanced nutrition in every scoop and is dairy free and vegan. They are great as a healthful "on-the-go" breakfast, pre-exercise energy drink, or post-workout recovery drink. They come in two delicious flavors: French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate.  They are truly the best tasting shakes I have ever tasted!  My family has them every single morning for breakfast.  Even my boys (who are 7 years old) love them.  If you would like me to send you a sample, just let me know.

Healthy Starts for Families


When children are inspired by their parents to live a healthy life, they can reap the benefits of good health and nutrition for years to come. Yet often, many parents feel like they aren’t doing enough for themselves or their children to give them a healthful start. The Healthy Starts for Families Program was created by Juice Plus+ to help fuel the next generation with the daily recommended fruits and vegetables children need while also establishing good health habits in their life, giving parents a successful way to guide their families into a lasting, healthier lifestyle. Nourishing the body with all the delicious essential phytonutrients, enzymes, minerals & vitamins needed for optimal functioning body systems has never been this easy.

healthy family

Once a parent signs up for the product, a child can get the product for free for up to 4 years!  My kids have been taking the chewables for years and hardly ever get sick anymore!  More than 150,000 families have participated in the study since it began in 1999, with parents documenting a noticeable difference in how they and their children eat, feel and live when taking Juice Plus+.


I am incredibly passionate about bringing the best education and the best products to my clients to live life optimally.

The following are products I've aligned myself with and personally use them daily. I have personally researched them and read the many  published medical studies and peer reviewed scientific journals  prior to committing to them.

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