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A Total Body Approach to Healing and & Living

Feel Better. Look Better. Live Better.

Whether your body needs to heal from an orthopedic injury, a surgery, an autoimmune disease, or a chronic disease, nutrition plays such a huge role. And, if you want  to live life fully, prevent injury, and optimize performance, nutrition also plays a huge role.  I want to assist you in all aspects of your journey.  That includes orthopedic rehab (PT) if needed, exercise training, Pilates, and lifestyle modifications.  I keep the nutrition aspect simple by focusing on eating natural and whole foods.

When we feel better, we live better. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and can heal themselves when treated right. As a PT, I have learned that a healthy diet paired with physical activity is essential to the recovery process. The importance of decreasing or limiting inflammation following an injury can not be understated.  However, we often overlook how our diet can either help decrease that inflammation or contribute to it.  This is so important because inflammation can cause many problems in our body, including weakening our body's immune system and is the catalyst to many chronic and autoimmune diseases. Too much inflammation will also slow down the healing process of injuries and tissue healing. I want to help you unlock your true healing potential. 

Food is truly medicine - it helps our body heal. It's really as simple as that. Finding the right foods that work for your body along with making small lifestyle adjustments, can do wonders for your health and vitality, and put your life back in your own hands. Contrary to popular belief, the way in which your body functions is not just calories in and calories out. It really matters what you fuel your body with. 

I do not believe one diet works for everyone. What works for one person, doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. Some people do well with paleo and others do well with vegetarian diets. Either way, there is no judgement from me. By learning to listen to your own body and how certain foods make you feel, you will discover what is right for you, which can change over time as this is a continual process of discovery. Your life will improve when you eat the proper foods for your individual body. So, forget calorie counting, diet fads and deprivation. Moderation is my mantra! 

Some important concepts that we will explore together: 

Bio-individuality:  "One person’s food can be another person’s poison". There is no one perfect way of eating that works for everybody. Every person has very specific needs for their own health according to age, ancestry, lifestyle, and goals. This is called bio-individuality. I use this approach to create a personalized program specifically designed for you. 

Primary Food: Primary food is more than what is on your plate. Healthy relationships, regular physical activity, a fulfilling career, a spiritual practice can fill your soul and satisfy your hunger for life. When these "primary foods" are balanced and satiating, your life feeds you, making what you eat secondary.

My goal is to help you develop a deeper understanding of food and lifestyle choices that work best for you, improving your health, vitality, energy, balance, and happiness.

Let me help you unlock your true healing potential!

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